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Makeup Tips

Choosing a Mineral Foundation

Mineral makeup has become one of the biggest trends in makeup in recent years. Consumers have become aware to look for quality products with "healthier ingredients". Dottie & Ez is as much about the ingredients included in it's formulaton as the ones left out. Our Mineral Foundation is a unique formulation combining your finishing powder with Silica for oil absorption and pore refining, Kaolin Clay for soothing, healing and balancing. Kaolin Clay is also a wonderful ingredient for giving the mineral powder more of a liquid makeup feel and appearance on the skin.

With a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 15-26) provided through ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxcide to protect your skin from both UVA, which causes premature ageing, and UVB, which cause burning. The lightweight formula is perfect for all skin types, and even suitable for those who suffer from sensitive skins, acne and other skin conditions. Our unique 100% natural formula also has the veil built in to make it sweat and water resistant, so there is no need for a finishing powder, this one will last all day on its own! Our Smart absorbancy ensures that the foundation is suitable for both dry and oily skins.

How to Apply Mineral Foundation

  • Apply with a kabuki brush or other large, soft brush. D & E foundation comes  with a built-in sifter that will only allow a small portion of product to be dispensed at a time. Then, you can gently swirl your brush in the product and gently tap the handle of the brush to shake off any excess back into the container or lid.
  • The old adage, "less is more" is certainly applicable to mineral powder foundation. Always start with less than you think you will need, and add more in layers until you achieve the look and coverage that you want.
  • Use over a mineral foundation primer. Foundation primer will help minimize the look of pores, even out your skin texture, and help your makeup stay on longer.
  • Don't apply too frequently. One of the biggest mistakes women make with mineral powder is applying to many times during the day. While it naturally helps control shine, some women still find they get shiny in the afternoon. Use cotton blotting papers before applying more mineral foundation. Otherwise, you may end up with a messy, muddy cake of makeup sticking to your face.
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